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Our purpose is to provide holistic financial advice for people with investable assets who want to build their wealth and ensure they have the financial security to live comfortably in retirement. We help people at different stages of their lives, and tailor our advice to meet their needs.

We always put our clients first, and create strategies that aim to leave them in a better position and feel more comfortable about their current and future financial position.

Patent Attorneys@2x

Patent Attorneys

Having worked with this profession for a long time, we understand their industry inside and out. We help patent attorneys manage their wealth and can help them build wealth outside their partnerships.


We've been working with lawyers as clients since 1998. We have a deep understanding of the demanding profession and the complex nature of partnerships. Our goal is to help lawyers manage their wealth in a manner that is tax effective, provides them with a luxurious lifestyle, and frees them from financial headaches and administrative financial burdens.


We want our clients' retirement savings to outlive them. As well as financial asset management, we can help retirees determine what benefits they are entitled to, and project how long their money will last, based on their lifestyle.
Business Owners@2x

Business Owners

For many business owners, their business is their most valuable asset after their home. Our aim is to help our clients extract wealth from their businesses during their working life and provide them with advice on how to invest that wealth once they have sold the business. In addition, before selling your business, we work with you to advise you and your tax advisor of any tax benefits they may be entitled to which may increase the amount of money you get to keep after tax when selling your business.
a high net worth financial advisor communicating with a client about their high net worth wealth management

High Net Worth Individuals

We work with clients who have achieved a high level of wealth and are looking to outsource the daily management of their assets and personal finances. Our advice and strategies aim to grow and protect wealth, enabling our clients to have financial freedom. Our goal for them is to encourage them to live a balanced life by enjoying their lifestyle today as well as looking forward to the future
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