Wealth Management For Retirees

Retirement is a time when you can enjoy your golden years and relax.

You may have reached the next stage in life where you want to travel more, help provide for your grandchildren, or maybe relocate for a sea change. To be able to live this lifestyle, you need to ensure that your retirement savings are not going to run out while you are still alive.

During your working life, you had the time and resources to make investment decisions, monitor them and take an active part in ensuring success of investments. You had control over all relevant factors like returns, timing, and risk. All this changes after retirement; time constraints leave little room for riding out volatile markets.

At Aspiri, our goal is to help you fund the retirement you deserve. Our financial planners will work with you to determine exactly how long your money is going to last and can provide you with options in which you can extend their expected lifespan.

Why Retirees Should See Our Financial Advisors & Planners

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When providing financial advice to retirees, we will determine what benefits you’re entitled to, and show you how long your money is going to last based on your lifestyle and guide you to make wise financial decisions.

When you reach a certain age and you’ve retired, you move into the tax-free phase within your superannuation environment, and you pay zero tax on any earnings and capital gains in your super fund. Once you’re over 60, you can draw money out, tax free.

We’ll proactively manage your investment portfolios, whether it’s self-managed super, retail super, shares or managed funds, so you can focus on enjoying living life how you want.
Our advisers can help you make decisions regarding monthly withdrawals from your super or other investment portfolios. We also plan for contingencies like private education of children or grandchildren, or medical expenses in case they arise.

We can also help determine if you are eligible for government benefits such as the aged pension, to maximise your retirement funding.

Book a free initial consultation with our professionals
Book a free initial consultation with our professionals

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