Wealth Management For Patent Attorneys

At Aspiri, we’ve been providing financial services such as wealth management for Patent Attorneys since 2005, and know the industry inside and out. Patent Attorneys is an area of the legal business that few people are familiar with. We’re not only familiar with their work but also how they charge clients and the complex nature of their partnerships.

We work with Patent Attorneys when they encounter the spirit financial services industry, particularly in terms applying our expertise in financial and associated taxation advice to maximise client wealth.

Because of their profession, Patent Attorneys recognise our specialist skills through technology, the efficiency of our portfolio management and the way we go about delivering ongoing, proactive, financial, and associated tax advice to maximise their wealth over time and minimise their involvement from a time perspective.

We are aware of the industry’s more recent consolidation that occurred in 2015, when Australia’s first patent firm was listed on the stock market. We’ve been involved in selling patent attorney firms, as well as the repercussions for individual partners and owners of those businesses, as well as CGT implications and opportunities.

Why Attorneys Should See Our Financial Advisors & Planners

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We have a deep understanding of legal structures Patent Attorneys may require during their transition to becoming a partner or business owner in a patent attorney firm. From a financial career path standpoint, we consider if they’re an employee patent attorney or a principal of an attorney firm; whether they’re on track to become a partner; and whether they’re in training to become one.

Making the jump from associate to partner can be a lucrative move for lawyers, but there are some financial considerations to factor in. We appreciate that while partners in law firms typically enjoy a higher salary and a greater share of the firm’s profits, this also means there is a requirement to contribute more to the firm financially.

Our industry knowledge provides Patent Attorneys with peace of mind, knowing we can help set them up for success in their financial life, career, business, but more importantly, success in their personal life and family.

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