Wealth Management For Lawyers

Lawyers are often known for their long hours and challenging work life balance. However, many lawyers provide much-needed financial advice and wealth creation for their clients. Lawyers must be able to think creatively and strategically to help their clients protect and grow their assets.

At Aspiri, we’ve been working with lawyers as clients since 1998, and we have a deep understanding of the difficulties they faced both at work and in their personal lives as a result of the hours they put in. We understand their areas of expertise, such as real estate law, state law, or litigation.

We understand that the ultimate goal for many lawyers is to become a partner or owner of a legal business, which we have considerable expertise in through our accounting background and client experience with lawyers.

Over the years, we’ve worked with several law firms both professionally, and to assist our clients where they needed legal advice regarding estate planning. We have assisted lawyers who are ready to buy into partnerships, but may be no buy no upfront capital and no capital on the way out through to other firms where they may have to raise a significant amount of capital buy in.

Why Lawyers Should See Our Financial Advisors & Planners

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At Aspiri, we help lawyers grow their wealth throughout these periods of transition in their career path, through to their realisation of the value and the equity they’ve created in their business as a lawyer or a legal firm. We help them convert their wealth into wealth that’s tax effective that is grown and is proactively managed so that they can ultimately live an exceptional lifestyle and be free from financial worry and administrative financial burden.

Lawyers seek our advice if they’re at a certain point in their career path where they’re starting to earn enough money to have surplus income and wish to create a long-term wealth creation plan.

Whether they wish to maximise their superannuation or whether they want to create investments outside of superannuation or whether their career path is now setting them on the path to become a partner where they need to consider how they access capital to buy into partnership or the legal and tax structures.

We are there to help when lawyers consider entering into a partnership, to provide tax effective streaming of their future profits and capital gains on their business interests well into the future, as well as existing partners who are already partners in those firms.

Our industry knowledge provides Lawyers with peace of mind, knowing we can help set them up for success in their financial life, career, business but, more importantly, success in their personal life and family.

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