Need internet access whilst overseas? Here’s how I do it!

When travelling overseas, I find having internet access on my mobile phone more important than even the ability to make phone calls. You can always ring someone on Skype but you need internet access in the first place and whilst you can find a Wi-Fi network, often they are not handy or your hotel charges you a small fortune to use them. Why not have internet access with you, wherever you go?

In this regard, I order international phone sim cards, and have them delivered even before I depart Australia. I find this is invaluable so I wanted to share it with you – so please feel free to watch my video (above).

Things I use mobile internet access for whilst overseas

  • Google maps (invaluable) – as a GPS in a car, or navigating subway systems and bus networks in most major cities (invaluable – especially for buses), avoiding getting lost whilst walking through a foreign city, find a service station to re-fuel or just getting around.
  • Trip Advisor and Yelp – finding just about anything. Good restaurants, convenience stores, other travel tips on how to get from point A to point B.
  • Buy tickets for major tourist venues online and avoid the queues. eg. the Eiffel Tower online is cheaper and you can avoid the often 1 hour queues.
  • Add money to your travel money cards via internet banking – this can be done anywhere if you have mobile internet access.
  • Ringing home via Skype or in some cases, the sim card comes with free international phone calls, so I don’t even need Skype.
  • Access to Australian news – what is going on at home and around the world?
  • Keeping up with emails
  • Sending back pictures and details of our adventures whilst overseas.

All of this can be done very simply for $100 (for a whole month) or as little as $30 or $40 for shorter periods, with no risk of mobile phone Bill Shock! Hope you enjoy the video!

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