Saturday, 24 February 2018

Sharon Kelly

“I feel I am very lucky to be both a “left” and “right” brain thinker.”


I was always the black sheep of my family as I have a totally different personality and a different drive. I was the one asked all the constant questions and wanted to understand more. I loved school and learning and always wanted to further my education. I also wanted to explore the world, as I loved seeing new things, meeting and getting to know people. I really relate to people and have a wide range of friends from all different ages.

I feel I am very lucky to be both a “left” and “right” brain thinker. I am great with numbers, mathematics and understanding concepts, yet I am also very artistic, creative and imaginative. When I chose the practical path of Accounting, I knew I wanted to be something different, but saw it as an excellent stepping stone to get me to something I really loved.

The fact that I ended up in financial planning doesn’t surprise me and makes me very happy. I can be analytical and precise, yet creative and inspirational. Yet it isn’t all about the numbers and I get so much pleasure from meeting people, expanding relationships and friendships.

People often ask how I work with Gavin (as he is my husband), but working with him and having our own business is so right for us. We share so many similar traits, our positive outlook, drive, integrity and precision, yet also caring and friendly natures. It therefore doesn’t surprise me that so many family, friends and clients are constantly turning to one of us for all types of advice or just a listening ear. I love what we do and it is so rewarding to help guide people in the right direction towards lifestyle and/or financial outcomes.



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