Saturday, 24 February 2018

Gavin Kelly

“I have always been passionate about what I do.”

Early on in my married life, my wife was diagnosed with Thyroid cancer at the relatively young age of 29. I am pleased to say that Sharon is now cancer free, healthy, happy and the most wonderful mother to our two beautiful daughters.

As a result of this experience, I changed my perception on life. I focused on the things we wanted to do, the things we wanted to see and the people we could share our journey with. I started building lifelong relationships with like-minded people! This not only occurred in my personal life, but also in my business life.

I am very fortunate in that, I not only love my role as being a trusted adviser to my clients in all things financial but I also get to share all my ideas and passion for improving their lives. This might start with removing financial burdens but then evolves to encouraging them to live, to travel, to do all the things they have always dreamed of doing. There is no better satisfaction for me, than seeing them live their lives to the full.