Saturday, 24 February 2018

About Us

We are a boutique financial planning business with around 120 clients and are passionate about providing proactive service and advice to our clients.  We want our Clients to enjoy their own life and family and have a great lifestyle – free from financial responsibilities, burden and administration. 

We try to do as much as is possible in terms of implementing strategies and managing their wealth for them and in turn, they give us their full trust and allow us to just get on with doing our job and taking care of their financial strategies both now and into the future.

We have our own Financial Services Licence (AFSL No. 384486) and therefore are free to use only the best investment and insurance products available in the market and this provides us with a large element of flexibility and freedom.

We provide the following services to clients:

  • Full investment management using our Managed Discretionary Authority (MDA) under our Financial Services License

  • Insurance advice

  • Superannuation

  • Lending/finance solutions (by way of referral to Australian banking institutions)

If you have any further queries, please feel free to contact Gavin Kelly, Director of Aspiri Financial Services.

Gavin Kelly

“I have always been passionate about what I do.”

I have always been passionate about what I do . . . right from even when I first took up golf whilst growing up in Rockhampton. Even then my passion for being the best I could, lead me to sometimes skipping school so I could focus on lowering my golf handicap.

Early on in my married life, my wife was diagnosed with Thyroid cancer at the relatively young age of 29. I am pleased to say that Sharon is now cancer free, healthy, happy and the most wonderful mother to our two beautiful daughters.

As a result of this experience, I changed my perception on life. I focused on the things we wanted to do, the things we wanted to see and the people we could share our journey with. I started building lifelong relationships with like-minded people! This not only occurred in my personal life, but also in my business life.

I am very fortunate in that, I not only love my role as being a trusted adviser to my clients in all things financial but I also get to share all my ideas and passion for improving their lives. This might start with removing financial burdens but then evolves to encouraging them to live, to travel, to do all the things they have always dreamed of doing. There is no better satisfaction for me, than seeing them live their lives to the full.

Rodney Rossi

“I love understanding how the world works, and the best way to do things.”

I would not be the person I am today had I not attended boarding school for my secondary education. It gave me the opportunity to mix with a broad range of people from diverse backgrounds. I observed cohesion and conflict, good and bad behaviour and successes and failures. In the constant 24/7 environment, there was no escaping it. I leant the value of hard work and setting goals, mostly the importance of seeking ‘Balance’ in Life.

After I completed my Commerce Degree at university, I became a CPA Taxation Accountant. I mixed with a diverse range of people and finances and observed their money habits. I enjoyed applying my knowledge and skills to help and educate clients. However, I felt accounting was not meaningful or proactive enough for me. I felt there must be a better way I could help people.

It was only when I became a financial adviser that I could help people in a more complete and meaningful way. I have a real passion for researching and investigating anything and I mean just about anything. It makes me happy when I can research and investigate an issue for someone to help them make better financial decisions both now and for the future.

Sharon Kelly

“I feel I am very lucky to be both a “left” and “right” brain thinker.”

I was always the black sheep of my family as I have a totally different personality and a different drive. I was the one asked all the constant questions and wanted to understand more. I loved school and learning and always wanted to further my education. I also wanted to explore the world, as I loved seeing new things, meeting and getting to know people. I really relate to people and have a wide range of friends from all different ages.

I feel I am very lucky to be both a “left” and “right” brain thinker. I am great with numbers, mathematics and understanding concepts, yet I am also very artistic, creative and imaginative. When I chose the practical path of Accounting, I knew I wanted to be something different, but saw it as an excellent stepping stone to get me to something I really loved.

The fact that I ended up in financial planning doesn’t surprise me and makes me very happy. I can be analytical and precise, yet creative and inspirational. Yet it isn’t all about the numbers and I get so much pleasure from meeting people, expanding relationships and friendships.

People often ask how I work with Gavin (as he is my husband), but working with him and having our own business is so right for us. We share so many similar traits, our positive outlook, drive, integrity and precision, yet also caring and friendly natures. It therefore doesn’t surprise me that so many family, friends and clients are constantly turning to one of us for all types of advice or just a listening ear. I love what we do and it is so rewarding to help guide people in the right direction towards lifestyle and/or financial outcomes.

Christian Evans

“Nothing gives me more pleasure than seeing clients enjoy their wealth and well-earned success.”

My wife and I met in Geelong in 1994 whilst working for National Australia Bank.  During my time with NAB, we took every opportunity to travel to different places within Australia as we really liked the outdoors lifestyle. 

In 2006, we made the decision to purchase a Financial Planning business.  This was a very exciting time in our lives, however it also kept us very busy and therefore our love of travel and the great outdoors had to take a bit of a back seat. 

However, all of this changed in 2014, as we had the opportunity to sell our business and pursue our dream to travel.  In late 2014, having sold the business and our house in Geelong, we left on a new adventure … to travel around Australia!

In the subsequent 12 months, we were fortunate enough to explore the far reaches of Australia, experiencing some wonderful, remote and absolutely, beautiful places.  Along the way, we met a wide range of people, from backpackers, to young families and grey nomads who were all travelling full time. 

Whilst on our adventure, I gained a greater understanding of life and how success is measured differently from one person to the next.

After settling back down into Brisbane, I now use this experience, in my role as a Financial Adviser, to not only help clients in their financial journey, but also to encourage them to embrace life and to achieve their bucket list … nothing gives me more pleasure than seeing clients enjoy their wealth and well-earned success.

Professional Background

Christian is a Senior Financial Adviser and has been working in the Financial Services industry since 1993.

Before starting with Aspiri Financial Services, Christian worked with National Australia Bank in a variety of roles before purchasing his own Financial Planning business in 2006 which he successfully sold some 8 years later.  During this time, Christian advised a wide range of clients, from employees to small business owners and families and enjoyed strong and deep relationships with each of his clients

Christian has experience in a diverse range of Financial Planning strategies including superannuation, managed funds and direct share investments, gearing and Wealth Protection including personal risk insurance advice.  Christian enjoys utilising  this experience to maximise clients success in their wealth creation and lifestyle choices.